Snow, Tea and Olive Oil

Don’t quit your daydream or your day-trips!

We had reservations, and even though we were at the end of another snowstorm in New York, I needed to get out; we needed to get out and I would do just about anything for a good cup of tea. 

I found this tea-house quite by accident. My daughter had an assignment for her college class ‘Anthropology of Food’. Her focus was the concept of afternoon tea as a marker of class and how it is totally divorced from its origins and ignores its colonial history (I know, that’s a mouthful:).

So, in an effort to assist in showing two different points of view, my husband went with her to Bergdorf Goodman for a New York ‘high tea’ and I was determined to find someplace out of NYC to show the other side. It was the best project she ever had because I found Charlotte’s Tea Room which is as warm and friendly as it looks when you walk in.  I really think the pictures speak for themselves. 

Although we don’t actually live that far from Warwick, it was a town I was unfamiliar with. 

Along a cobblestone side street across from the railroad tracks we also found the Warwick Valley Olive Oil Co. If you are into salads, your choice of olive oils and vinegars is unlimited. My favorites are the Sage olive oil and the Champagne vinegar.  

If you’re visiting NY and looking for a quaint town to explore, Warwick is a great option. 


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