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Say it as it is with a Graphic Tee

Being honest is powerful, especially with yourself…
And what better way to express yourself than with graphic tees. 

When LilyCloth reached out to me about their unique line of graphic tees, I was unfamiliar with the company. If you ask me about them now, I will tell you they are my go-to when shopping for this style of clothing.

Be Kind

At this stage I am so excited to share my favorite tees from @liliclothofficial. Lilicloth offers adorable and funny graphic clothing, super soft & very affordable!!

Sunflowers remind me of driving through Italy a few years back. They are bright, cheerful and bring back great memories; I think that’s why I was drawn to them.

On those days when I ‘might’ have an attitude…this one works well for me:)

Be Kind

Casual Simple Horse

Fun fact…I grew up riding horses; my father owned stables and given my sister and I were raised by my father, we literally grew up around horses. And just for the record, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! So, I am attracted to anything that involves these gorgeous animals and I particularly loved this tee-shirt. Simple, to the point and speaks volumes, also loved the comfort of the v-neck.

The choices with this company, as you will see online, seem unlimited and what I would also add, is I love a ‘softer’ tee, not too tight around my neck, these are my ‘pet-peeves’. I can honestly say these tops check off each box and I am looking forward to wearing them under blazers in the fall.

If you’re not familiar with LilyCloth check them out and Use coupon [AWT20] for 20% OFF!!

My favorites, so far…
Be Kind Underestimate Me
Underestimate Me
Casual Simple Horse

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